New Moon in Scorpio 🌑

New Moon in Scorpio 🌑


Hi cosmic cuties! How are we doing? How’s Scorpio Season treating you so far? Happy official solar return season to our sexy scorpions!
We have some major Scorpio energy coming through as we have the Sun, Moon AND Mars linking up in this mysterious, magnetic sign. And this New Moon is tightly opposite wild child, disruptor Uranus. So what does this mean for you?

♏️  Mars in Scorpio: My Depth is My Power

Mars, the planet of ambition, drive and assertion, has been hanging out in peace-loving Libra since September 14. Mars is your motivation so in the last few weeks it’s been all about relationships and compromise.

Which also means you may have been focusing more on other people and your relationships than yourself. On October 30th, Mars takes a mega shift and plunges headfirst into the depths of the fixed water signs, Scorpio, taking our focus to our emotions, inner drives and to our personal Underworld.

🌑 New Moon in 12º Scorpio

November 4, 2021 @ 5:15PM EST

Themes: transformation, endings/beginnings, intensity, healing, sexual empowerment, intimacy, power, passion, anger.

Expect The Unexpected
This could be a transformative New Moon if you allow it to rev up your sultry, seductive self. You are able to manifest some amazing changes now- like a snake shedding it’s skin you are being asked to shape-shift into a much more magical and powerful version of yourself.


Make the most of this cycle.
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