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5 Simple Tips to Take Charge in the Bedroom.

Power As An Aphrodisiac

By Madi Murphy


Know what you want.
Driven by desire, Capricorn ferocious drive and ambition can translate to helping you get what you want- what you REALLY want. Capricorn isn’t afraid to ask for what they want and deserve in the bedroom or the boardroom so practice getting clear and then speaking up for what lights your fire. Take advantage of this season to look your partner right in the eyes and tell them what turns you on.
Be on top.
Literally. Practice being on top and dominating a little bit- telling your partner (with consent) what you want them to do or telling them what not to do. Also, Capricorn is the sign that rules authority and uniforms so maybe try a little role playing with a costume?
Try a little BDSM- and don’t forget your safe word.
Capricorn season is the time to get tied up by something other than your busy schedule. Capricorn is an individual that is usually strongly restrained by how difficult it can be to sometimes compromise or break the rules. So, lean in and play around with constraints. 
Focus on pleasure, not performance.  
Capricorn can be extremely goal-oriented but when it comes to sexy time, focus less on getting a positive performance review and instead enjoying every moment for what it is. Have a willingness to learn new things in the bedroom and respond in kind with a lot of passion. Focus on excelling but don’t be so distracted by a good grade that you forget what this is all about: FEELING GOOD.
Slow and steady.
The mystical mountain goat does not rush- and neither should you. Capricorn’s eye for detail asks us to slow down- whether that is in getting dressed and preparing for sex or teasing your partner to the point of wanting to scream, Cap teaches us the power of taking the long road. They like it when the temperature starts to slowly heat up, and when it reaches its peak, it’s important for the imagination and creativity to take over. 

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