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5 Spiritual Practices to Boost Your Confidence

It's Leo season. Take up space! 

 The highest calling of Leo energy is concerned with shining with radical self-love and self-confidence.  No matter our zodiac sign, could all learn from our cosmic Leo leaders. Basking in their radiance is a way to empower others to do the same. Long may we reign!


5 Spiritual Practices to Boost Your Confidence

  1. Be your own BFF/cheerleader. Write to/talk to yourself each day as you would to your BFF. 

  2. Stay open-minded and curious. The more you learn from others the more expansive you will feel.

  3. Own your decisions and take accountability for yourself. Let your thoughts, words and actions reflect your values.

  4. Focus on forgiveness and growth. Ask yourself in every situation: what is the lesson for me here?

  5. Connect to a Higher Power through ritual, tarot, visualization, meditation, prayer, journaling, being connected to Earth.



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