A Bit about Virgo Season

A Bit about Virgo Season

Happy Virgo season and solar return to all of my BOSS WITCHES!

The season of the Mutable Earth sign of Virgo is associated with the Maiden. The only female represented in the zodiac, she invites us to connect to feminine magic (this has nothing to do with gender, P.S.)

Virgo is associated with the Virgin.
However, this has NOTHING to do with pureness, prudeness or sexual chastity- but rather stems from the Greek root word meaning the woman who is “whole in of herself” or the Latin word meaning “self-contained.” This is about being sovereign, self-sufficient, composed and, most of all, she is her own person. 

The Virgo journey is about purity of intention and devotion to Spirit, finding your Sacred Work and being of Service to something bigger than you. 


Virgo is keenly attuned to details and what can be improved or made more efficient, approachable and sustainable.
Virgo is hard wired to want to serve others from her significant harvest (represented by her wheat) so the key to Virgo self care is remembering to also take care of herself sometimes. 

Virgo’s lesson is to tune into being of service not from obligation but from the heart and from a place of joy to learn how to give only when they have the resources and when their energy is being honored, appreciated and reciprocated. And to know that there will always be Sacred Work to do and sometimes she must pencil in time for “rest” on her impressive to-do list. So how can you work with Virgo energy this season? Read on.

Cosmic Rx: 3 Self Care Ideas to Harness the Power of Virgo Season (no matter what your sign is)

  • Body Love. Virgo’s perfectionist nature is awesome but paired with her connection to the body, we don’t want to turn that overly critical, analytical eye on ourselves in a negative way. Look in the mirror and say 10 things you love about your body. Treat yourself to a massage or delicious Yin yoga class for some fascial release. 

  • Gut check! Virgo rules the digestive system, spleen, intestine and the gut biome. Up your probiotic prescription this month- experiment with kefir, kombucha, kvass or kimchi as ways to incorporate it into your daily diet.

  • Tap into some self-knowledge. Do something self-reflective so you can full-on analyze yourself. Virgos love self-actualization, data and knowing a lot so get your birth chart read, do your numerology or Human Design or get your Myers Briggs test done. Or be a true Virgo and learn how to read your own chart in our Magic of You self-guided astrology course led by Madi.

This is also a great kick start for the self development project that Virgo season inevitably brings to clarify purpose in your personal or professional life. Learning about you can be a great reminder and validation of your natural gifts and talents (hint: staying in these can help bring more alignment + ease in your life)


Remember: you are here for a purpose and you have so much to offer in service to the world- but you also get to rest and receive. Focus on working smarter, not harder and get ready to share your magic with the world this Virgo season!

With love + magic, 

Madi Murphy

Intuitive healer, empowerment mentor, and cosmic consultant.

Named as one of the wellness industry top 100 luminaries by Well and Good and she has been featured in publications such as Vogue, Coveteur, MindBodyGreen, the New York Times and more.

Whether it is an energy session, intuitive divination, astrology reading- or if you’re ready to take it to the next level with a spiritual mentorship- her intention is to get you to your most confident, liberated, WILD and juicy self.

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