Fanning your Inner Flames 🔥

Fanning your Inner Flames 🔥

Its officially Aries season and the Spring Equinox, a time for new beginnings, sexy self-worth and fanning the fuck out of your inner fire.

It’s also my birthday on March 27th, so what a better time than now to really think about what is setting our souls on fire and what is going up in smoke.


The head of the ram, which is a representation of Aries, is believed to signify the creative and nurturing qualities of the womb. The part of the female body, where creative energy flourishes. That same energy that is used to create a baby, is used to create new ideas, new beginnings, and realize our potential.


Before we connect to our bodies and feel what this new beginning is asking of us, I like to start by writing down all the people, thought patterns and behaviors from myself and others, I will no longer be tolerating. Before we know where we are going it’s good idea to know where we have been, look at it, see the truth of it, accept it, so we can fully let that shit go. So here it goes…

  • I will no longer be tolerating codependent behavior in my life. We are two whole and complete people. I will no longer be putting myself in the savior role and calling in the person who desires to be saved. Happy to hold space and co-create magic together. However, you save yourself and I save me. You validate yourself and I validate me.
  • I will no longer be tolerating lack mode mentality from myself or other people. There is enough! We are enough! Life is full of, more than enough!
  • I will no longer drink anything other than decaf coffee/ elixirs. It’s officially a real attachment and it’s time to goooooo old friend, so I can see what this attachment is masking and let that shit go tooooo.
  • Lastly, I will be letting go of the idea that I need to be perfect in order to be successful, “keep” my friends and relationships, “keep” clients, and so forth. I am not perfect. I will no longer strive for that perfection to get perceived approval. Perfect is a construct built up from made up stories we learned from society. It’s not even real. Not everyone will like me and that’s okay. I make “mistakes” (there aren’t really any mistakes in my opinion - if it happened that way, it was meant to happen that way. How do we know that? That’s the way it happened!) I am doing my best from my level of perception and those who align with that are welcome and the rest are… buh-bye.


What about you? What will you no longer be tolerating in your life? What are you so dang sick of that you are ready to let go?


  • Think of all the shit that is not serving the person you are becoming. The conversations that drain your energy. The people who take more than they give. The places you take more than you give. The situations that exhaust you. A thought pattern that keeps you from living in the present moment. A trigger that you continue to participate with. How you are contributing to your own suffering. All the places you are making shit hard for yourself. Now, think of everything you’re calling in - who and what is not serving that? Write it down, let it go and burn it.

  • Now, I ask you to get into your heart, into your soul, into your body. Do a little dance, maybe some sensual embodiment practices, rock your hips back and forth, give yourself a self-love massage, set up a ceremonial bath with crystals and candles and really ask yourself what it is you desire? In order to know what we actually desire to call in, we have to ‘know’ who we are.


Sometimes our “wants” are masked as desires.
They are actually needy, lack energy coming from our ego, saying we are not enough or we need something to be okay. So I ask you, to get out of the noise from your head, from your parents, from the media, and from your friends. Who are you? What do you want? Where do you want to go? Who do you want to be? What lights you up? What sparks joy? What gives you energy?


A good way to do this is to picture your life two years from now.
If you could have anything you wanted, what comes up? Get “unreasonably, reasonable”. You are worth all of it! Who are you with? What does your life look like? Where are you living? How amazingly suited is your house you’re living in? How does your partner touch you, kiss you, fuck you? How much overflow of cash do you have in the bank? Where do you donate your time and energy? Where do you work? Why do you do what you do? What are you passions? Do you travel? Do you have kids? What do their lives look like? Get into it.


When I think about who I am, I feel pretty good about my life at the moment. I feel as though, I am living my dream career as an Empowerment Coach and Writer. I get to support others on their spiritual journey and watch them grow and expand rapidly. I teach workshops and breath work sessions in exotic locals and with big companies and I LOVE IT. I am clearly writing this blog and it’s cathartic AF, and rewarding. I am happy living in LA and traveling often. I love that I can work from anywhere. I have amazing friendships in my life and my brother and I are closer than ever. When I really sit with myself, I do not think anything is “missing”. I prefer to live from “I have everything I need in this moment”.
However, in this moment, I believe I am being shown something with regards, to my belief about my worth. For some reason, I keep getting this gut feeling this year is my million dollar year. (If that is triggering for you, I believe you have some stuff to work through around money and worth as well). Mind you, I am not close to that…YET. If you looked at my bank account you would be like, “uhhhh.” Nonetheless, I believe it’s about who we become by feeling into what we desire and pursuing it. In the past, I have been a person who lives in lack, terrified of having enough, being enough, doing enough. Plagued by anxiety. Creating tumultuous relationships with everyone and everything. It wasn’t just that I thought “people left me,” I thought everything left me. Money, men, friends, careers.  I would abandon myself, so I wouldn’t be abandoned.  Then I was in needy, lack energy and inevitably would push those things away from me. It’s all energy. Men, money, love. When we feel lack, we will have a lack of all of it.
Although I do not feel how I used to, there is still some internal struggle with worth. So, this desire has emerged from deep within and I believe it’s asking me to become a more abundant version of myself. I have no idea what the actual number will be by the end of the year. Regardless, this goal and desire, is showing me everywhere I live in lack, every place my mind isn’t free, all the situations where I live into past versions of myself and play small, all the uncomfortable ways I avoid spending, because I believe I won’t be able to make more, and every piece of myself that believes I am not worthy of being the person who makes a million dollars a year. And WOW has it been amazing to see and feel my edges and expand past them.


It isn’t just about the goal and the desire, it’s about who we become in the process of pursuing them.


A little nudge of hope here… when we really commit to our desires, something happens. The universe conspires to work with us. When we invest in ourselves, when we make the genuine choice to commit to something, it shows up too.  Sometimes it get’s harder before it gets easier. It has to remove all the shit that’s in the way and show you everywhere you are not living into that version of yourself.


I have been shown a lot about myself in a short period of time. I have been super uncomfortable and I have also had insanely ecstatic moments. All worth being celebrated - the good, the bad the ugly. They’re all needed to grow and expand! And….I have quadrupled my income since December. I have let go of relationships not serving and called in new ones. And, I have been able to travel and work from anywhere. WIN.


So it’s your turn. What are your genuine desires for this year? Who do you want to be? Where are you going? Let’s birth these babies into life and fan your inner fire. After all, there are no planets in retrograde at the moment, and we are fully supported (always) to move full steam ahead…


Use this Aries season of new beginnings, creativity, courage, and fearless fire, and get in there with all of your flames.The dark ones and the soul setting ones. And let’s do this.


Don’t forget to turn your magic all the way the f*%k on!





Erica Sauer is an Intuitive Life Coach, Breathwork Facilitator & Writer.
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