How to Embody an Abundance Mentality

How to Embody an Abundance Mentality


You deserve to feel excited, clear and sovereign around money and time. Feeling financially free and literate is conscious activism. Your frequency is your currency. 

9 of our favorite ways to begin to cultivate and embody an Abundance Mentality. 

1. Money needs direction

Most people know this as having a budget or a financial plan but it can also include having a vision of how you want your life to feel and working backward from there. Apps like Mint and YNAB can help you get clear on budget, savings and prioritizing payments.


2. Cut emotional spending

 If life isn't moving according to our plan then we can feel powerless amidst chaos and turn to money in order to make things right.  Money represents power, so it's no surprise that many use it to ease their pain and regain a sense of control when life throws a few curveballs.

3.Change your money story

Money scripts shape the mental tape we have about money. Commonly referred to as money blocks, they affect how you feel which then shapes the actions you take and eventually, the results you get. P.S. money stories usually come from your family or upbringing!

4.Treat bills as a blessing

View paying bills as pouring money back into the infinite cycle and the economy so it will come back to you tenfold. Bless your money before you spend it- even try blessing the businesses you are sending it to. 


5.Invest in yourself

You gotta spend money to make money but even more importantly than that, when you invest in yourself, you are showing the Universe you believe in YOU. Put your money where your heart is. You are your number 1 strategy for success, act like it! 


6. Practice receiving

If you can’t receive a compliment or receive rest, how will you receive abundance from the Universe. Notice where you resist receiving and see how you can create small shifts in your behavior. 


7. Treat what you have with love and respect

Be a good steward of what you already have. Tend to your current belongings with mindfulness and care. View your financial responsibilities as sacred offerings. E.g. don’t think of it that you “have to” pay rent or your bills- you “get to” pay for your house and it provides a sanctuary for you and your family. 


8. Get present to all you have now. 

Say at least 3 things you are grateful for in the morning, in the shower, before bed or especially do it when you feel freaked out by a big bill or purchase. Start a gratitude group chat with your friends and challenge everyone to share 3 things you are grateful for everyday.

9. Tip Bigger, Give More, Give Back. 

This shows the Universe you are ready for more and that you are recognizing others being of service. Give generously. Give back into the infinite supply of the Universe- trusting that you know it will come back to you. And, remember: tipping is a spiritual practice, act like it.


Remember: You deserve to feel excited, clear and sovereign around money and time. 

Feeling financially free and literate is part of the cosmic revolution and conscious activism. Money amplifies your intention and helps you be of service. 

Take care Your frequency is your currency. 

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