Is Friday the 13th cursed?

Is Friday the 13th cursed?

Lol, no. 

Before patriarchal times, Friday the 13th was the day of the goddess. It was a powerful day to manifest, celebrate creativity, honor beauty, cultivate wisdom and call in fertility. 

Friday is Venus Day. The day to honor our inner goddess- her beauty, her fruitfulness, her sensuality and her ability to receive. 13 is the number of the feminine (there are 13 moon cycles in a year). It is also the number of death and rebirth (because 13 usually falls in the middle of a moon cycle- representing the balance of the old and the new). 

This makes Friday the 13th the ultimate day to celebrate the Divine Femme. 

But, OF COURSE, the patriarchy did not like this because, welllll, turns out they had a little problem with women taking up space and owning their abilities to heal, transmute and provide for themselves. Go figure. 

But now we have the awareness and the freedom to RECLAIM this day. Especially because this year it falls on Mars Direct. It’s like the Divine Feminine is getting a blast of pure rocket fuel in our lives. 

This makes it an auspicious day for divination, spell casting, rituals and manifesting. 

-Madi Murphy






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