New Moon in Cancer

New Moon in Cancer

JULY 20 @ 10:32 AM PST / 1:32 PM EST

NEW Moon Themes: Cosmic initiation, reflection, evolution, growth.

This summer has yet another astrological wild card- this one arrives as a intergalactic gift: a second New Moon in the sign of Cancer. As a reminder, Cancer is the sign associated with the ocean and home, family, ancestry, security, safety and self-nurturing.

This second New Moon is giving us a final blessing of this Cancer energy that we will so need as we move into this next chapter as a society. The Solar Eclipse in Cancer was not for manifesting- but this one is. Set intentions around all of the Cancerian themes and also around how you can embrace the Divine Feminine more in your daily life.

And this is also tied into the lessons we have been learning for the past 2 years through the Cancer/Capricorn eclipse as this Sun and Moon in Cancer are opposite Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto (the ones responsible for stirring things up celestially in 2020.)

The global shifts we are in requires us to shift- but also look back on the past, hold on to what works and the lessons, and release the rest. Also, as we move forward, this Cancer energy is going to continue to demand that we build new systems that create safety- for everyone.

Which means we need to create safety within ourselves first.

To do that, you must look to Cancer principles to understand this better. Ask yourself: what have you learned over the past two years around honoring our intuition? What has helped you feel grounded? What has been helpful for you to feel peaceful? What has caused unnecessary stress?

Understanding all of this helps you not only adapt and thrive in a new environment but it helps you understand there is enough to go around and the Universe supports a world in which we are all nurtured and fed. The old “lack mentality” and competitive oppression of the patriarchy and capitalism is dying off- we are reassessing our collective values. Part of that is leaving some of our external safety, which is why it’s important to cultivate inner security and sense of self.

These collective values have us standing fiercely together as one family- none of us are free in our bodies until ALL of us are. How are you going to show up to make sure the world is safe for everyone?

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