New Moon in 18° Cancer July 9, 2021

New Moon in 18° Cancer July 9, 2021

New Moon in 18° Cancer: 

Swimming in Love & Creativity

July 9, 2021 at 09:17 PM EDT 

Themes: home, security, family, values, trusting your intuition, protecting your magic, swimming in a sea of love, cosmic initiation, reflection, evolution, growth.

Yay! This is our first New Moon after this last eclipse season. Like after a wild storm strikes, yes, there are trees and power lines down but there is also this feeling of clarity as the sun comes through: the world feels a little shinier and full of hope. 

What are you manifesting under this new moon? The New Moon is a time to envision, get clear and plant seeds for new magical beginnings.

Let’s talk about wtf is going on in the sky during this particular New Moon.

The sun and moon are in Cancer, the Cardinal sign that enacts new beginnings. As a reminder, Cancer is the sign associated with the ocean and home, family, ancestry, security, safety and self-nurturing. 

Our celestial reset comes after the eclipse season. This is a deep initiation around healing, intuition and inner peace.

This is a great time to recommit to personal growths that reflect the high frequencies of the sign of the Cosmic Crab. This may be anything from honoring your deepest feelings, cultivating security and safety from within, taking care of your home and setting healthy boundaries on your energy and heart. If you are looking to make big changes this year to your house or your family, this is the time to make some plans and set intentions around that. 

Understanding all of this helps you not only adapt and thrive in a new environment but it helps you understand there is enough to go around and the Universe supports a world in which we are all nurtured and fed. The old “lack mentality” and competitive oppression of the patriarchy and capitalism is dying off- we are reassessing our collective values. Part of that is leaving some of our external safety, which is why it’s important to cultivate inner security and sense of self. 

These collective values have us standing fiercely together as one family- none of us are free in our bodies until ALL of us are. How are you going to show up to make sure the world is safe for everyone?

Venus is applying to a conjunction to Mars in Leo, which means you may feel an extra boost of creativity, confidence and playful energy. 

May all the energy of the Universe guide you in service of remembering why you came here.

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