New Moon in Virgo

New Moon in Virgo


This is the time in the lunar calendar when the spotlight shines on health, diet, fitness, and cleanliness. As an earth sign, Virgo not only helps us take care of our physical bodies, but helps us with the details of daily living. 

Virgo can be an unsung sign, a sign that teaches us about the importance of having a plan, setting a schedule, and finding focus as well as discipline. Virgo in its positive expression helps us to appreciate the small things in life like craft, an attention to detail, form, and function. Virgo is also the sign of purity — the purity needed to live our lives with wholeness, well being and owning our power.

What does embodiment feel like to you now?

Can you set intentions this moon that are just about being present to whatever is coming up in your body and reconnecting to your sacred body as a vessel, a channel for the Sacred Work and magic that wants to flow through you?

What is a way for you to embody more wholeness, more independence over the next 6 months?
Virgo is all about co-creation by weaving mind, body, spirit with the Universal and cosmic forces. And, remember, the deeper and wider you ground into your body the faster your intentions will manifest.

The Sun and the Moon form a trine to Pluto and Saturn so be aware that this may bring up old stories, patterns and thoughts that were activated earlier this year around your worthiness, work or your body. Setting the intention to be IN your body allows you to ground into THIS present moment and heal- instead of living in the past, while learning from whatever is arising now. 

You are now peering into a new chapter and this lunation is asking you to set intentions around making your life more purposeful, more sacred- but it requires you to be fully IN your body to do it. 

The Universe favors the bold so dream BIG and release the story that you have to put yourself last in order to get the approval or love of others. 


This New Moon in Virgo is your invitation back to your embodied experience- recommitting and reconnecting to your beautiful body. Ask yourself: what does your body need to feel safe? Use this New Moon to see how you can connect into your body more.
Ask yourself:

  • What are some ways I can honor my body more during health-driven Virgo season?
  • What are some changes I can make to improve my overall health? Avoid the urge to overthink and instead focus on the habits you want to change. 
  • Which categories do you want to improve? spiritual practices, sleep, nutrition, exercise, email management, money management, social-life, creative outlets, household efficiency, cleanliness, getting rid of clutter, workflows, volunteerism, activism.
  • Write one small action step you can take this week to do that. 











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