Solar Eclipse in Gemini Survival Guide

Solar Eclipse in Gemini Survival Guide

By Madi Murphy

What exactly is a solar eclipse?

A solar eclipse always happens on a new moon. During a solar eclipse, the moon is directly sandwiched between the Earth and the Sun. In ancient times, they said this time created confusion as it temporarily disconnected us from reality and created a sort of portal. This portal can bring a new beginning. This is a time to get super clear and focus your intentions on who you want to be when you come out of the chrysalis.

Eclipses are wild cards. They are very powerful. They can give us a jumpstart and a turbo boost, if we need. They can wrangle us back on to our true path if we have strayed. 

(We can usually feel the effect of a solar eclipse a month before the actual occurrence and the effect remains through the year from the date of eclipse.)

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in 19 Degrees of Gemini 

When: June 10, 6:52am EST

Themes: relationships, healing, communications, sacred partnership, duality.  closure, fresh chapter, clarity, unexpected or abrupt changes, seeing things through a new perspective, rewriting your story.

What happens when a retrograde walks into eclipse season? We are about to find out. 

The energy right now is destabilizing, dynamic and charged. Be prepared to change direction at any moment. Cue up the old AIM sound effects because the Universe is pinging you and saying “you got mail.”

And, by mail, Gemini means messages, signs, symbols and repeating numbers. All incoming to help guide you to something new. 

The days and weeks AFTER this eclipse may bring epiphanies or eureka-level downloads. These lightbulb moments may be illuminating the ideas that will connect you to your highest truth and path. It’s like the Eclipse blows in a missing puzzle piece that can connect some dots you have been looking at for months- maybe it’s a chance meeting, an unexpected opportunity or new piece of information. 

Since eclipses typically come in pairs, this is the second and final eclipse of this season. Solar eclipses are less triggering and emotional than Full Moons- but they can bring about shifts or pivots that are so fast they can give you cosmic whiplash. This eclipse is like a doorway being opened to a new chapter- and, since Gemini rules the mind, it has to do with our consciousness. 

At this Gemini solar eclipse we are extra inquisitive, curious and maybe even intellectually daring. 

It’s okay if it doesn’t make sense yet but just know that you are being supported and held. This is a time to get your mind on board for all of the magic that is about to pour your way. How can you shift into expansive, abundant thinking and cultivate a growth mindset? Watch out for mental gymnastics that are draining your energy or distracting you from what is important. 

You may notice changes in your lifestyle, your daily routines, your career, how you dress, within your family, in your expectations, in your needs and desires. Remember: change is good! 

The key during this time is to stay very, very flexible. You may feel the pull between two worlds, two truths: perhaps it’s between work and life. Or between independence and interdependence or between security and adventure. Watch out for being too controlling or rigid- see where you can loosen your grip. 

Gemini is also the sign of duality so it’s important to see a situation from many sides and perspectives. So, if you are in an argument or conflict with someone you care about, it may pay off to put yourself in their shoes. 

Gemini is also the sign of doing things twice so notice what you have to revisit from the past few months or “do-over.” Trine to Saturn in Aquarius helps you get structured and disciplined- let it help you reestablish your priorities in the Gemini area of your life. Saturn may also bring clarity through establishing boundaries, lines and clear action steps to your process. 

You are being asked now to explore other options… to make space for a more fulfilled life. Change isn’t always comfortable but it is healthy. Ditch the familiar, stay grounded in your truth and make room in your head and your heart for a new way of being! 

Journal Prompts

What are three words that I want to infuse into my next 3 months? 

What are three things that define a healthy relationship for me?

How can I deepen my connections to others?

What was a time where change worked out for my best interest (even if I didn’t realize it at the time?)

What do I need to feel safe to be myself?

Where do I need to come out of my shell?

Where do I need more balance?




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