What does Mercury Retrograde in Cancer mean for you?

What does Mercury Retrograde in Cancer mean for you?

Mercury Retrograde tells us we need to grow and slow down~ let some things go of things that do not serve us. Find out how to use Mercury retrograde in your favor! Watch this video:


Facts about Mercury Retrograde

Mercury goes RX 3-4x a year and lasts for weeks

Mercury is the fastest moving planet, it rules thought and cognition.

Even though fake news spreads like wildfire we need to slow down. It is a much needed pause; Think of this time as a four week process of taking time to slow down, process things we have learned from the output

AKA This is not a time for doing. 



Mercury in Cancer 

The dates of Mercury RX are June 18th- July 11th but the Shadow period is June 2nd- July 26th. This is when we feel the effects honey bunnies! So here's what we need to know. 

  • Cancer rules emotions; a feeling sign, not a talking sign 
  • We are going to feel a bit more sensitive and raw- the crab in the shell
  • Emerging from the shell, what part of you need to come out?
  • Be gentle on yourself, do not pressure yourself 
  • Be aware of feeling overly emotional, sensitive, passive aggressive.
  • Ask yourself how can we use our words to tune into home and security?
  • Spend time in art, listening to music. 
  • Be aware of old issues arising .
  • Address things, reassess, re center, reevaluate 
  • Make a list of 10 re words, where can you address emotional, personal issues.
  • Backup your data, your phones, iCloud!

Find out what Mercury Retrograde means for YOU! 

In these Videos Madi Murphy decodes your souls evolution and your inner and outer transformation for your sign:

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