Empowerment in Digestible Doses  ⚡️

CosmicRx was created to make spirituality accessible, approachable and affordable. That’s how and why thousands of people are joining us. Through our workshops, events, and newsletter we educate our community with life changing tools.What kind of tools? The kind needed to tap into intuition over influence, understand REAL self love instead of self loathing, and make choices through pleasure rather than pressure. Consider us the Anti Influencer.

Our mission: Aligning your passion and purpose. 
CosmicRx is about leading a life in alignment with purpose and authentic power.
The world needs influencers, creatives, entrepreneurs, lawyers, politicians, yogis, teachers and CEO's to be leading as an example for others. You don’t have to give up your job to live a “high vibe” life. CosmicRx has a formula so that everyone can show up as their fullest self.

Joining CosmicRx is about re-wilding yourself, reclaiming your power and returning to your true nature. We are revolutionaries committed to letting your intuition lead you to your biggest, boldest dreams, to being your own healer, loving yourself fully and making your own magic.

Our mission is to give EVERYONE a chance at a life rich in color, confidence, creativity and to adding sensuality, joy and pleasure to each and every moment in their life.

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Meet The Co-Founder Madi Murphy. 

Intuitive healer, empowerment mentor, and cosmic consultant.

Named as one of the wellness industry top 100 luminaries by Well and Good and she has been featured in publications such as Vogue, Coveteur, MindBodyGreen, the New York Times and more.

Inquiries? email Info@thecosmicrx.com