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Unlock your life's blueprint


21 days to build a foundation that will change your life. 

Self knowledge

Self love is a mindset, it is a spiritual journey and it is a way of being everyday. Thru sel knowlege and acceptance you will begin to show up differently as a friend, parent, student, teacher, sibling, co worker... 

Boost Confidence
+ Love Your body

After 21 days you'll have a powerful new tool.. learning to be your own healer, and best friend.

Lay the foundation for more.

This course will kickstart you spiritual journey back to your self. You will learn mindset tools, spiritual tools and embodiment tools that turn into a regular prctice.

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Unlock your life's blueprint

Magic of You

Learn Your Astrology for Self Care, Relationships and Purpose.

Our Signature Astrology Course with Madi Murphy.

Understand your birth chart to up-level your relationships, love, career, purpose, & Self.

There is so much beauty and magic to discover about yourself

dive deep into your life's purpose, your personal needs, and how you can best show up for your friends, family , coworkers, and community.

what was written in the stars for you

This course is a journey into your soul blueprint where you will learn how to step into your best self and navigate your human journey with more alignment, ease and flow. Learn the language of your stars directly from astrologer Madi Murphy.

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