Join us in Montauk  for a summer full of confidence and good vibes. 


Montauk is where CosmicRx was born! We love manifesting with and comsic energies. What better place than Montauk?!


We created CosmicRx from a need to make empowerment + spiritual healing relatable, authentic, fun and inclusive. 


Our mission is to help all humans access the tools to heal themselves, find their purpose and feel amazing. Join us on the beach for free Monday night mediations.

Summer 2022 Schedule

Breathwork with Erica Sauer
 Monday's @ Hero Beach 

6PM @ Hero on the Beach

Meditation + Reiki with Jaime Stockel
 Monday's @ Hero Beach 

6PM @ Hero on the Beach

Set Your Summer intentions
with Madi Murphy @ 8th Drifter 

7PM @ 8th Drifter

Heart Healing with CosmicRx
8/8 @ Hero Beach 

6PM @ Hero on the Beach

Mini Astrology Readings + Energy Clearing
With Madi Murphy & Jaime Stockel
 @ 8th Drifter 

6PM @ Hero on the Beach

Full Moon Circles
with Madi Murphy 
 @ Navy Beach

6PM @ Hero on the Beach

CosmicRx Pop Up
@ Montauk Beach House

July 9th - July10th
11AM-3PM @ Montauk Beach House