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  • The Full Moon in 3°Capricorn | June 24 2021

    *Dripping in Success* June 24, 2:40 PM EST Themes: new structure, blessed endings, success, ambition, optimism, ambition,  Cosmic baddies, it’s time to pour yourself a cup of ambition. The Capricorn Full Moon is here and she is bringing some good fortune, optimism and generosity from the Univers... View Post

    🌕 Full Moon in Libra | March 28th @ 2:48PM EST/11:48AM PST RELATIONSHIP HEALING * MANIFESTING EQUITY AND EQUALITY Themes: beauty, art, conscious relationships, Divine Feminine, Sacred Masculine, harmony, sweetness, fresh beginnings, feeling lovable, balancing the “me” and the “we” This Full Moo... View Post
  • Full Moon in Pisces Everything you need to know

    This year’s one Full Moon in Pisces reminds us of the power of our personal magic and wholeness and the potency of using it for harmony and unity in the collective. FULL MOON IN PISCES: Making your dreams a reality SEPTEMBER 2 at 1:21 AM EST  Themes: purpose, vision, devotion, magic, what’s yo... View Post